As the first and only concrete supplier on Vancouver Island to adopt CarbonCure technology, Butler Concrete and Aggregate uses leading edge technology to provide greener building materials to the local construction industry. It’s important to us that we reduce our carbon footprint and provide a superior concrete product.

Environment Facts

Fact #1

As the first concrete supplier on Vancouver Island to adopt CarbonCure technology we are proudly reducing our carbon footprint while providing a superior concrete product.

Fact #2

Our EPD results are consistently 40-50% lower than the Canadian industry-wide EPD benchmark.

Fact #3

We continuously expand our efforts for a cleaner, greener operation in our product offerings as well as our plants, pits, and offices.

What gets measured gets managed and Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) help us do just that. Like nutrition labels but focusing on the environmental impacts of our products, EPDs help us communicate the third-party verified environmental performance of our concrete

Mission Statement

Butler Concrete and Aggregate's primary purpose is to provide high quality products and services to the community. We will be number one in our selected market area in product quality and customer service. We will ensure that our employees, who are the major asset of the company, are both challenged and satisfied. We will act responsibly, respect the environment and watch out for the community’s well-being. We will do this while maintaining a commitment to ethical business behaviour.

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