Butler Concrete and Aggregate’s Duncan pit is located at 4998 Langtry Road. We offer a wide variety of washed & crushed aggregate materials. We also accept clean, non-contaminated, structural fill. Custom blending of materials is available upon request.

Washed Aggregates

All products listed have been processed through our wash plant. Our washed sands have a variety of uses, like septic fields, top dressing lawns/playing fields, pipe bedding, livestock bedding and riding rings.

  • Birdseye Stone
  • 12.5mm Blend Stone
  • 20mm Blend Stone
  • 40mm Round Stone
  • 12.5mm Navvy Jack
  • 20mm Navvy Jack
  • Concrete Sand
  • C33 Modified/ Mound Sand
  • Fine Sand
  • Top Dressing Sand
  • Bunker Sand
  • Fairway Sand
  • Washed Fill Sand
  • Hydro Sand

Crushed Aggregates

All our crushed products have been crushed using our own cone and impact crushers. These products can be used for driveways, pathways, riding ring bases and for concrete slab prep.

  • 12.5mm Crushed Stone
  • 20mm Crushed Stone
  • 12.5mm Stonebase
  • 20mm Stonebase
  • 20mm Roadbase
  • Screenings
  • SGSB

Fill Materials & Soils

Our Sandy pit run comes straight out the bank at our pit. It is used in backfill/infills for foundations, trench backfill and to fill low areas.

  • Sandy Pit Run
  • 50/50 Top Soil

Limestone Products

Our limestone is mined and processed from our quarry on Vancouver Island.

  • Agglime
  • 12.5mm Limestone
  • 20mm Limestone
  • Infield Mix
  • Minimum Limestone Sale

Incoming Fill

We can accept clean, non-contaminated structural fill at our Duncan location. Please contact Daryl Nash at 250-818-4921 for pricing.

Product Calculator

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